Writing a text involves particular attention and care with regard to content and grammatical correctness. In the case of the descriptions, we must respect very precise rules, trying to gather and express the salient details. If you have to talk about a person, for example, you need to provide information about his physical appearance, his life, his habits or his tastes. Describing someone is not so complicated, but what parameters should be used to make such a text effective? In this guide we will see together how to best describe a person in a text.

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  • A person to describe
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Establish the structure that the description must have

Take into account the structure that the description of the person must have in your text. First of all you will need to specify the name, sex, age and any link that unites you. At this point you could start describing it by indicating its most obvious features. Initially I advise you to give a general idea of ​​the subject you are talking about. Determine immediately if it is an objective or subjective description. In the first case, be very analytical, otherwise express your personal points of view.

Describe the person’s appearance and ways

Secondly, you will be able to review the physical appearance of the person you will describe in the text, carefully choosing all the most significant aspects. The build, the color of hair and eyes and the presence of any additional peculiarities, such as a pair of glasses or some particular tattoo. If you wish, use some comparison or metaphor to describe the eyes and hair of the person in question. Then go on to describe the nose and the mouth, specifying the shape and thickness. Continue analyzing the subject’s ways of moving. A person can be graceful or coarse, fast moving or slow. The reader must be able to become familiar with the character. For this reason, you will need to ensure that the description is accurate and that the form is fluent.

Talk about his character

To make the idea of ​​the person better, after analyzing all the elements that characterize his physical appearance, tell something about his character. Carefully describe your strengths and weaknesses and also describe the person’s ideas. If it’s someone you know, you could tell an episode that saw him as a protagonist and highlight some features of his personality.

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