During our school life we ​​can sometimes run into some difficulties. In this regard, it is essential to know how to best address these obstacles, which we can find in the course of our studies. This guide focuses on the development of a particular essay. Here is a simple guide on how to describe a person in a essay. The work will have to be done initially in bad copy, dividing it into three parts: introduction, development and conclusions. After making it and making any corrections, you will have to rewrite the work in the copy to be delivered to the teacher.


Describing a person in a essay is not easy, especially because, as we enter into a relationship with someone, we acquire an image of this that goes beyond its physical appearance and its character and personality characteristics. For this reason, when we engage in a description, we must first of all seek to see the other as it is in its actual reality. Only later can we enrich our description by also making our considerations regarding the person we have chosen to describe. Introduction: start by describing a person explaining why you chose to talk about this, that is, how important it is in your life.


Development: to begin with, the description of this person indicates the way in which he speaks, moves and gestures. How could it be defined characterially? An extrovert and sociable person? Or, on the contrary, an introverted person who finds it difficult to enter into relationships with others? Describe his social life: indicate if he has friends, if he attends groups and how he prefers to spend his days. It also indicates what his way of seeing life and his hobbies is.

Final execution

Procedure: describe, then, physically the person of whom you have chosen to speak: summarily indicates his physical appearance and his complexion. Describe his face and his eyes. Dwell on relevant details of his body, so as to highlight its physical characteristics. At this point of the guide there is nothing left to do but get to work. The exercise is essential to obtain satisfactory results immediately, so as to be able to excel in the development of the essay. I therefore wish you a sincere good job in carrying out this descriptive essay.

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